Managed Secure CMS

Secure CMS Hosting

What good is a powerful, feature-rich website without powerful, feature-rich hosting to keep it up and running?

Host your site with Earthling's Managed Cloud Hosting and get much more than just a space to host your domain and website. Stemming from our proactive Managed IT business model, our hosting packages ensure that your site is fast, live, and up-to-date.

Flexible, Scalable Managed Hosting

Hosting isn't 'one size fits all'. We provide the technology, scalability, and stability you need to run a world-class website that can handle traffic spikes and keep responding with the blazing speed.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Whether you need a fast, up-to-date host capable of powering your secure CMS solution, or a redundant online file storage, Directive's preventative managed philosophy will ensure that you have absolute minimum downtime.

Managed Server Installation

Setting up a server? Leave it to the pros. With our dedicated hosting, you stay in control of your personal server, and with our managed solutions we’ll make sure that everything runs smoothly.

Website & Database Backup

Earthling keeps a copy of every backup stored in our main datacenter on a different, remotely located datacenter if requested. This increases the availability and the security of your data even further and ensures a full recovery in case of data loss or unexpected disruptions.

Managed Secure Database

Let our data experts do the heavy lifting and provide you with a fully configured database. We take care of initial setup and look after the proper maintenance to ensure you’re database is readily available and working efficiently at all time.

Our automation engineers architect self-healing configurations with sophisticated software and 24 / 7 x 365 monitoring to guarantee 100% uptime SLAs.

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