Managed Compliance Meets Secure Hosting

Earthling provides unique bundled services that use a “Managed Compliance Meets Managed Secure Hosting” model. This service is delivered by combining our team’s expertise with compliance & accreditation management with secure cloud design, integration, security operatand DevOps. Furthermore, this service model supports on-boarding applications to a secure cloud environment for PCI, HIPAA, FISMA and FedRAMP (FedRAMP+ DoD SGR) compliance.

Get compliant & stay up to date


The FedRAMP Program addresses the new risks and security concerns that are associated with new cloud technology. Learn More about our professional services or request more information about our FedRAMP-as-a-Service offering by clicking here.

Flexible, Scalable Managed Hosting

Hosting isn't 'one size fits all'. We provide the technology, scalability, and stability you need to run a world-class website that can handle traffic spikes and keep responding with the blazing speed.

99.9% Uptime

99.9% Uptime Guarantee


Managed Server Installation

Managed Secure Database

Managed Secure Database

Website & Database Backup

Website & Database Backup

From development to production, Earthling has you covered.

Secure CMS Hosting

What good is a powerful, feature-rich website without powerful, feature-rich hosting to keep it up and running?

Host your site with Earthling's Managed Cloud Hosting and get much more than just a space to host your domain and website. Stemming from our proactive Managed IT business model, our hosting packages ensure that your site is fast, live, and up-to-date.

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